You Won’t Believe What She Did To Sell Girl Scout Cookies

Now is the time of year when the Girl Scouts are out in full force selling cookies, but one amazing little scout did something incredible to sell cookies.

Seymore Harrison Jr. knew his daughter Charity wanted to be the top seller in her troop this year, so he wrote lyrics about Girl Scout cookies to the tune of Donald Glover’s smash hit “Redbone.” He and Charity performed the song in his car, with Charity donning her official Girl Scout vest, and filmed it and posted it on Facebook.

The results went above and beyond what the father and daughter duo expected. Although the video was only recently uploaded, it has nearly three million views and has gone completely viral. Fans of the video love not only the creativity of the song, but the adorableness of a father and daughter bonding so wonderfully. Charity is overwhelmed by the reaction to the video she made with her dad, but says that business has been booming in the wake of her newfound internet stardom. The jury is still out on whether or not Donald Glover has been made aware of the fresh take on his hit song.

Charity did set quite the lofty goal for herself. The pint-sized scout wants to sell over a thousand boxes so that she can fund a trip to Disney World. Charity had previously visited the amusement park, but fell ill and had to miss out on the bulk of her trip. Now, she seems to be getting a second chance at her Disney dreams. This is only her first year selling cookies, but it’s clear that Charity has a serious talent for sales.

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